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Commercial Asbestos Inspections

AKEC provides services from limited asbestos sampling for minor renovation projects to comprehensive asbestos surveys for demolition and major renovation projects. Project management, bid phase services, and abatement contractor selection included.

Residential Asbestos Inspections

AHERA accredited asbestos inspectors guide you through a practical, cost-effective project. With over 25 years of experience in the Anchorage area, AKEC maintains strong relationships with local environmental contractors to ensure your abatement project is fairly priced.

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Whether your project involves the demolition of an entire building or remodeling a bathroom, proper identification of hazardous building materials is crucial to the health and safety of everyone involved.

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Asbestos Questions & Answers

Residential and commercial buildings constructed in the 1980’s and earlier have the potential for asbestos and lead containing materials to be present.
Asbestos was used in a wide variety of building materials. Any building material other than glass, wood or steel could have asbestos.
Prior to remodeling, demolishing, repairing or otherwise disturbing building materials in older buildings that may contain asbestos and/or lead.
Selecting a qualified and properly accredited inspector will help limit abatement costs and ensure the project is done safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations.
The costs can vary depending on the job. Get a free quote with the link above to find out an accurate number for your needs.